Physical Education is an aspect of education which specifically employs physical activity to achieve the general aims of education. Its greatest impact is made in the following areas:

  • physical development;
  • acquisition of skills
  • achievement, enjoyment and satisfaction;
  • expression and creativity;
  • preparation for leisure;
  • health;
  • fair play;

The department will aim to provide a broad and balanced programme, fulfilling Ministry of Education requirements and giving pupils the fullest opportunities in sport, so that at the completion of the seven year course different skills and interests have been pursued and developed. The department also aims to expose pupils of all abilities to the highest level of competition in sport and to ensure that pupils have found success and enjoyment in physical education.

The department aims each year to arrange fixtures with other schools and enter as many competitions as possible.

The department aims to prepare for after school life, so that pupils will continue some aspects of physical education through clubs, firms’ teams and other opportunities offered through work and leisure time.



All girls take part in all the sports offered at the school during lessons and teams after school, perhaps competing in a House or School team. Swimming is taught from grade one to grade seven using our popular school swimming pool in the first and third Term. Classes are divided as follows grade 1 – 3 a ratio 1 teacher to 10 pupils and grade 4 – 7 a ration of 1 teacher to 15 pupils. Extra-curricular activities include activities such as chess and ballet. Trophies and other awards are regularly given out in assembly for various categories including most improved player of the term. There are other trophies that are given out at various school sports competitions such as inter – house gala.



Traditional sports played:

Hockey, Basketball, Tennis,


Also offered:

Swimming, Cross country, Squash, Chess

Ballet is taught throughout the year for grade 1 – 3


Physical education morning lesson TIMEs

70 minutes per week for the term block

(First Term – 1 x 35mins for tennis/1 x 35mins Swimming per week)

(Second Term – 1 x 35mins for Basketball/1 x 35mins Hockey per week)

(Third Term – 1 x 35mins for tennis/1 x 35mins Swimming per week)


Team Practices

2/3 times per week – one hour each

First termCross Country and Team Swimming, Tennis – Cross Country competition

Second TermHockey, Squash, Basketball – Matches arranged for Hockey, Basketball, Squash

Third TermSwimming and Tennis – Galas and Tennis matches



  • 6 Tennis Courts (2 shared for indoor hockey and 2 shared as Basketball courts)
  • 1 x 25m swimming pool
  • 1 infants swimming pool
  • small field for our mini Olympics
  • cross country, field hockey and squash are played away from school



the school does not provide Tennis Rackets, hockey sticks and squash rackets etc.