Dominican Convent comprises of a multi-lingual community, since it embraces children from different ethnic groups. Emphasis is placed on the vernacular medium of communication regardless of race or culture. Shona is taught to all pupils from Grade One to Grade Seven as per Ministerial Regulation. The Shona Department ensures thorough preparation for all the students for the Grade Seven examinations by the ZIMSEC Board. A high standard of results has been maintained by the department. The syllabus encompasses different aspects of the language. Children are taught to appreciate the vernacular language. Communication skills, language as well as writing skills in the vernacular are taught.


Shona choir is one of the cultural clubs offered at Dominican Convent Primary School. It comprises of all girls from grade 3 to grade 7 irrespective of their denominations.

The teacher and the girls meet every week for one hour to practice the Shona songs. The girls learn new songs, how to play the drums and the rattles.

Since 2010 we joined the Annual Eistedford Competitions and the girls are doing so well. During these choir practises we have time to prepare our songs for these special competitions.