Sewing or needlework as it is known to most is offered at the school , starting from Grade 4-7. The aim is to make pupils acquire skills , investigate a need, respond to an opportunity and produce an end product, modifying and evaluating their work as appropriate.The skills are to start getting developed at an early stage hence starting the teaching of the subject at  Grade 4.The subject is introduced and taught in such a way as to foster a liking, if not a love for the subject. Girls are encouraged to aim at attractive, well stitched articles.

Grade 4 stage - Girls are introduced to learning the basic stitches, the types, names and also the methods of working them. By the end of the year a simple article like a table runner, cushion cover or a wall hanger should be produced which should encompass all the stitches taught.This first article to be made should be very simple but colourful.

Grade 5 stage – As progress is made up the school the girls are now expected to work finer stitches. An article is selected by the teacher  with careful thought to ensure  that all stages in sewing are introduced gradually and carefully.

Grade 6 stage – At this stage girls are now introduced to lessons of a practical nature with everyone encouraged to develop performing skills. A garment to fit is usually selected as the article for the year group.Articles like aprons, skirts, simple blouses or shorts are some of the items that can be selected from  for the girls to work on for that year.

Grade 7 stage – At this stage girls are made to  work on articles which require  variety of different skills like  lace attachment , scalloping or some embroidery work on an article made. Through the assessing, recording ,reporting and monitoring of each child’s individual need we aim to help every pupil to progress at her individual pace including the most able and those with specific learning difficulties.

Sewing club is an afternoon activity which allows girls to further explore their skills and talents on other articles they are made to work on. Its held every Wednesday from 1:45 -3:45pm.